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Reece Glozier

Licensee Salesperson


Reece takes selling property seriously and has a track record that proves it. Selling real estate in the Auckland area for the past three years, Reece has gained experience in excess of 200 property sales. Reece's passion and insight into the industry combined with an ethic which is relationship based, will benefit you whether buying or selling. Reece’s success is based on the high standards he sets himself and his thoroughly professional approach.

A lot of Reece’s great feedback is due to his professional negotiating skills and his enthusiasm into the industry. As Auckland's prime Real Estate industry is now one of the most renowned and sought after markets worldwide, having a face you know and trust in the business is key!

Coming off the back of 5 years in Londons competitive event industry, success in sport at an international level and currently working through his level 4 Maori language certificate, Reece brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into our company and is now living locally in the Onehunga area with his partner, Sharn. This gives them ability to enjoy the area to its potential, meaning you may catch them on their walks through Cornwall Park or on the sports field at local events.

A lot of people want to know the secret to a great sale campaign. Reece would love to share it with you. Get in touch.


  • 2019/2020 - Executive
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